Nourish your senses. Embody that classic French style and create a beautiful statement for him, for her, or your home. For the person who appreciates different cultures, nature, and adventure - but also has a very minimal way of life. LAIT invites you to feel sophisticated, yet youthful, bold, but beautiful, and timeless, while elegant. 

LAIT is an independent, Los Angeles-based candle company offering hand-poured, sustainable soy candles and home fragrances. Offering a palette of 15 luxurious signature scents created by our founder, our small-batch candles are hand-poured with 100% American-grown soy wax, herbal essential oils, and body-grade fragrance oils that are free of phthalates and harmful additives. To continue the hand-crafted tradition; special care and attention to detail goes into every candle and packaging. 

We welcome you to our luxury candles that are completely sustainable and eco-conscious. The gift of LAIT is meant to be indulged for any gesture, big or small. Experience unexpected sensations that will leave you with a lasting impression and create a scent personal to you and for any moment in your life that deserves something special. Nourish your senses. 



Born in the OC, Jennifer Rhee always made crafts for friends and families growing up and was nicknamed the “Korean Martha Stewart”. Jennifer moved out to LA to pursue her passion for the fashion industry; after working in fashion for almost 10 years, Jennifer decided to focus on her love for candle-making. What started off as a one-off favor providing candles for her brother who is an event planner, turned into Jennifer embracing her craft. Now, Jennifer runs LAIT and hand-pours her luxury candles out of her space in West Hollywood. 


LAIT encompasses community through collaborative efforts and support below: 

  • Los Angeles-based community 

  • Small businesses

  • Environmental impact

  • Humanitarian causes

Anti-Sex Trafficking

Child Education

LGBTQ Community

Mental & Health Awareness


  • Animal Rights & Anti-Cruelty