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N°01 | Lavender White Tea

Aromatic top notes of classic French lavender toned down with delicate herbal notes of white tea. Crisp and clean without the typical sweetness of other lavender based scents and our cult classic.


N°02 | AMOUR | Gardenia & Ginger Blossom

Amorous notes of gardenia and magnolia blossoms complements the zesty essential oil of ginger. Sensual cedarwood oil blended with a hint of saffron balances out the sweetness, adding a masculine touch.


N°03 | Sunny Days | Citrus Passion Fruit & Guava

Vibrant citrus happiness derived from sun-kissed orange and grapefruit citrus oils, with punchy notes of exotic passionfruit and guava. Refreshingly playful and energetic.


N°04 | Atelier | Warm Vanilla Hazelnut

Experience the decadent blend of Tahitian vanilla and toasted hazelnuts with a throw of soothing white tea. Sweet, warm, and inviting for the senses.


N°05 | Joie de Vivre | Peppermint Eucalyptus

The energizing zen-like fusion of peppermint tea leaf and eucalyptus essential oils will awaken and revitalize your senses.


N°06 | THÉ BLANC | White Tea & Jasmine

De-stress and purify the senses with the delicate scent of herbal white tea infused with floral notes greens and night-bloomed jasmine flower. The perfect follow up to our cult classic, Lavender White Tea.


N°07 | Smoke Milk | Coconut Almond & Sage

Seductively soothing yet complex with sweet top notes of coconut almond milk infused with subdued masculine touches of warm amber and tobacco. Sexy and buttery smooth but elevated with green herbal undertones of sage.

N°08 | TERRE | Bergamot & Citrus Patchouli

An earthy blend of bergamot essential oil, Earl Grey tea, woodsy patchouli, tobacco and hints of bark and pine creates aphrodisiac-like aromas while citrus peel rejuvenates the senses.


N°09 | Fleur de Sel | Flower of the Sea

Fleur de Sel is inspired by the beauty of Los Angeles. A hint of ambrette captures the warm California sun while refreshing sea salt fills the air from the crisp ocean breezes all year long. Subtle notes of floral essence like French lavender and rose calms and soothes the senses.


N°12 | LE RÊVE | the Dream

Escape reality with this deep, bold and complex scent of smokey wood, clove, sandalwood and patchouli, rounded out with the delicate fruity essence of sweet fig.


N°13 | GARÇONNE | the tomboy

Captivate the senses with playful top notes of tangy plum, sweet jasmine and magnolia blossoms with the intensity of sandalwood, ambrette and cedarwood. If this doesn't entice you enough, top it off with subtle notes of cardamon and clove leaf to add depth to this androgynous new edition to the LAIT collection.